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Susan Muranty

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Silver Storms – Past and Present

Silver Storm was the first of my songs to win a lyric-writing award – at the 2009 Australian Songwriters’s Association (ASA) conference in Ettalong NSW. I was so thrilled!!! No Oscar-winning moment could ever equal the feeling of standing on the podium that day in the distinguished company of so many great songwriters – from […]

Celebrate the Light

With each passing year, Halloween becomes more and more special for me. Of course, it’s my own personal new year’s eve – my birthday falls tomorrow on November 1 – but as the psyche of the world splits and moves away from organised religion – or collapses back into it again with a warlike vengeance […]

In Your Hands

There’s a goddess in every mother and my son Jack has certainly brought it out in me. I’m so proud of him. He’s fifteen years old, half boy/half boat – and he’s the real reason I live in what I like to call Lighthouse Country (Scotland Island in Sydney’s Pittwater) in one of the most […]

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The Lost Portrait of Michael Hutchence

Next week, I’ll be launching Incandescence, my first EP and solo art exhibition* at Australian Bronze Sculpture House, North Head Reserve in Manly. It will be something of a Creative Rebirth Party for me: I’m performing songs from the EP, two of which won the Lyrics Only Category of the UK Songwriting Contest in 2012 […]

Darkness Loves The Night

What is it about love poetry?? For thousands of years, poets of all kinds have thrown their passions to the wind like so many roses and put their feelings into words – powerful, beautiful words filled with the light of their beloved and their own good intent. Some of these poems survive like stars in the night […]

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Aqua Baby Aqua

Aqua, baby, Aqua! Colour is joy to me. And blue is … the hottest flame lol. It’s my signature colour and I wear it whenever I can. For years, my studio door was aqua. I have aqua shoes. I wear aqua nail polish (especially on my toes). I love the fire in it – that […]

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In The Hand of A Butterfly

I held the hand of a butterfly today. I was walking along the beach … and there on the sand, lying flat and folded and very still, lay an exquisite pair of golden caramel wings, black veined and streaked with creamy white. Something about their perfect shape – their delicacy, the lightness in those impossibly […]

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Welcome To All Saints Day

I love October 31 – it‘s the eve of my own birthday on November 1, but it’s also Halloween and I delight in its symbolism. Traditionally, it was the day after the end of the Autumn harvest in the old celtic calendar when people got together to exorcise all the angst of the previous 12 […]

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The Mathematics Of Nora

Caption: A very happy photo of the sculptor (centre) with Michael Heysen (Nora’s brother) and Jane Hylton, trustee of the National Gallery of Australia and the State Gallery of SA, who unveiled the bronze portrait sculpture of Nora Heysen. Last Sunday (October 20) I had the delightful experience of attending the unveiling of my bronze […]

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True Story Of A Heart

I live on Scotland Island, in one of the wildest urban environments in Sydney. It is boat-access only, the roads are either disintegrating or partially unsealed and the residents collect their own water. There is no such thing as kerbing or guttering – and there are no shops. The dogs are free, the children are […]

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