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UnConquered Sun

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Susan Muranty

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Morning Star, Gently(UK Songwriting Winner 2013)

Verse 1 Morning Star! Gently, The lights in my head Glitter and waver. This floating white bed Drifts on a river Of silver and gold. Chorus Morning Star, gently. Please hold me. I’m cold. Verse 2 Morning Star! Gently, The grey mist flows on. The sky is wing-pale. A new sun grows strong. We make […]

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I Can’t Unlove You Now

Verse 1 I gave you up again today. I packed away the sun. I piled my dreams in crates. I was the one Who drained the skies of colour. I just won’t need that blue In any world I cannot be with you. Chorus I can’t unlove you now, cause it’s way too late. I […]

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Stephen Hawking Wants You To

With Stephen Hawking all the rage at the moment, I’m feeling more than timely publishing the lyrics to Stephen Hawking Wants You To, a song I released two weeks ago as part of my new EP Incandescence. Just today, the man at the centre of The Theory of Everything, an upcoming feature film focussing on […]

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Amen Amen (So Be It, My Love)

Verse 1 Maybe I’m a spiritual woman – yeah, faith is fine by me – Though I never quite found my religion On the way to being totally free. Yet here, at the end of everything, I find myself speaking in tongues. Chorus Amen, Amen, Amen! Amen, Amen, Amen! So be it, my love. Verse […]

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Silver Storm

Verse 1 Your postcard hangs on the Christmas tree, Its sky a strange, clear blue. It’s signed with a message – “My love, I miss you.” The light rains over Kabul. The snow sweeps over Maine. And I’m filled with a storm of wanting Even Christmas can’t explain.   Chorus Silver storm, oh silver storm. […]

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Mr Aquamarine

Chorus Open your eyes, Mr Aquamarine. I wanna make love with you. We’ve wasted an hour of sunrise Revivin’ those baby-sharp blues. The morning star shines on your blanket. The bellbirds are calling you names.  You’ll get a surprise – if you open your eyes, Mr Aquamarine.   Verse1 Don’t whisper goodnight to the mornin’. […]

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UnConquered Sun

Verse 1 In fields of grey, a pale light Falls like stars from the longest night. Deep in the shadows, the burning one Is born again – the summer sun. Here is the babe who sleeps in snow, Waiting for the spring to grow. King of light! King of joy! Returns to earth in the […]

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Dark Night of the Soul

Verse 1 Oh Lord, I see the setting sun. Oh Lord, I see the light. Oh Lord, the sky is bleeding. Don’t bring me to the night. My eyes are black with shadows. I’m tired and I am cold. Waiting for this dark night of the soul. Chorus I’m leaving for the morning, but I’m […]

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